Bode-Ga: The Staten Island Artist on the Rise with All Money In

Bode-Ga is a rising star in the music industry, hailing from Staten Island, New York. He started as a songwriter in 2012 before transitioning to performing his own music. In 2018, Bode-Ga met J Stone, who helped him elevate his career to the next level, leading him to join ‘All Money In.’ Despite facing adversity, Bode-Ga has pushed through and has come out on top, with his hard work paying off.

Bode-Ga cites his team and Nipsey Hussle as his musical inspirations. He aims to positively influence and create opportunities for himself and those around him through music, particularly by bridging the east and west coast through the creation of generational wealth with the passing of knowledge. Bode-Ga’s greatest achievement as a musician is working with Mike and Keys, and he hopes to work with Drake in the future.

Bode-Ga’s music process varies, but lately, he has been freestyling his music to catch the overall vibe and essence of the song. He emphasizes the importance of pre-production on any concept, as it results in a better outcome. With new music releasing every month with All Money In, Bode-Ga is also working on his debut project with Mike and Keys.

Being the only New York artist on the ‘All Money In’ imprint is a challenge for Bode-Ga, as he is often compared to Tupac. However, this challenge motivates him to push himself to beat Tupac’s legacy as an artist. Bode-Ga’s day is filled with extreme and consistent pressure, surrounded by musical legends like Mike and Keys, and with all eyes on him to deliver great hooks and on-point verses.

Overall, Bode-Ga is a talented artist who has overcome adversity and is set to achieve great things in the music industry. His drive to positively influence and create generational wealth through music is admirable, and we look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future.


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