Nemanja Golubovic, Founder of “Kale My Name” Announces Franchising

Nemanja Golubovic, founder and CEO of the influential vegan restaurant “Kale My Name.” He was born and raised in Montenegro. From the inception of his career in the United States, Nemanja worked in the hospitality field. Commencing his career as a host, Nemanja began to grow his zeal for the hospitality industry. He then advanced through diverse stages in his career. As the multifaceted entrepreneur he is, Nemanja found himself prevailing as a server, bartender, and floor manager. He perfected his craft in the food industry and was promoted to general manager at one of Chicago’s most engaged establishments until he opened his own restaurant.

What happened to Kale My Name Los Angeles? Kale My Name LA was a collaboration with Tabitha Brown and working with her is one of the best things I have experienced in my life. There are no words I can use to describe how much I love that woman and how grateful I am that God sent her my way. I loved her before I even knew her, but getting to know her and finding out that she is all that love we see online and so much more is just an incredible experience. She fell in love with Kale My Name Chicago and together we decided to open Kale My Name, Los Angeles. We were both heartbroken when we faced many difficulties in the building where the restaurant was located. Being very much into signs, Tabitha and I both decided that the location is not for us and we have permanently moved out of that building. It’s definitely sad, but there are so many other wonderful things happening that I’m trying to focus my energy on. When one door closes, another opens and there are so many more exciting things coming our way. When the LA closure happened, Tabitha told me: “Trust the God, honey” and that is exactly what I’m doing.

Kale My Name Chicago is so successful, what was the difference with the LA location? I would say Kale My Name La was pretty successful while it lasted, people loved it and it was so much fun to open. The biggest difference between the Chicago location and the LA location are the buildings that the businesses are located in. Chicago’s building is in good condition with no maintenance issues and that is allowing us to keep operating successfully. I pray it always stays that way.

What made you desire to franchise “Kale My Name”? For the last 3 years, people have been reaching out to me asking if they can franchise Kale My Name in their state and I would say no because I wanted to do it myself. I had a goal of having KMN in every state in the country and soon I came to the realization that it is not what I really desire. I’ve never known this but I started enjoying doing social media work and shows and being in the entertainment industry, so I wanna focus more on that, while still allowing Kale My Name to grow.

What is the moment when you realized this would be a phenomenal idea to franchise? When we closed Kale My Name Los Angeles, I knew I wanted to go this route. It is ok to change your dreams, this is a new path I wanna take and I’m super excited about it.

What career advice would you give anyone looking to franchise Kale My Name and how can they apply to do so? If people are passionate about the restaurant industry, plant-based food, and Veganism, this is an amazing opportunity for them. My forever advice for people is to do what they love and be consistent, results will always be there.

What do you expect to gain from franchising? Franchising is an amazing opportunity to keep going towards my little goal of turning the world vegan, without doing all the work myself. I still want vegan options to be accessible everywhere and change the way people see plant-based food.

What’s next for you and your brand? There are so many wonderful things coming for Kale My Name and for me personally. I was a judge on this wonderful show called “THE BLOX” that premiered at the beginning of this year. It’s the greatest show about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs from all around the country that came to compete, but more importantly, to learn how to scale their businesses. It was an amazing experience for me. Second thing I’m personally very excited about is my very own perfume called: Kale Me All Night. It’s vegan and smells amazing and it’s available on our website and everyone should get it. 🙂 There are a couple more projects I can’t really talk about yet, but I promise you’re gonna love them.

Where can we keep up with you? You can keep up by following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok @kalemyname or my personal accounts @nekacgolubovic

I have also started a YouTube channel recently @kalemyname is my YouTube username and my dog Kale and I are together hosting a new YouTube show called Puppy Patrol. My friend Joanne Molinaro and I also started a YouTube show called “The Joanne and Neman Show” and it is available on her channel “The Korean Vegan”. Thanks for chatting with me today.

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