Symphonic Artists Collaborate on First International Compilation Album to be Released by an Independent Music Distributor

Leading with their community-first approach, independent music distributor Symphonic gears up to release a project created through the dynamic collaboration between Symphonic Brazil & Symphonic Latino artists. After having hosted their very first international songwriting camp in 2022, Symphonic artists worked together to create two diverse compilation albums, breaking cultural barriers through a unique, artistic experience. During one week in August 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil, 25 creators (10 producers / 15 artists) from Brazil and the Dominican Republic came together to produce bilingual songs in different studios around the city. 20+ songs were created during this week and four of which will be released on 1/20 followed by three singles on February 3rd.

“This project was a watershed for the Symphonic Brazil operation. After more than a year and a half working from home, we finally took to the streets, getting closer to partners and promoting a wonderful meeting of cultures and musical styles. The unique experience showed how music speaks louder than any language or cultural barrier, and that translates into the music we’re now releasing. Hopefully audiences from both Brazil and the Dominican Republic will get to experience through the tracks how enriching the whole experience was.” Ian Bueno, Head of Symphonic in Brazil.

“Certainly the most enriching part of this week was living the historic experience of crossing two countries that, even though are far apart, have so much in common. The music from the Favelas met the music from the Dominican Barrios, and the result was an incredible rapport with artists, which could be felt in the studio environment, in living around the house and now, in the final songs we’re releasing. Everyone was very comfortable, ready to give their best, all in the name of Music. It was incredible.”, Stella Vaz, Marketing Manager.

Musicians Include:

Producers (Dominican Republic): Gerard La Melodya, Leo RD

Artists (Dominican Republic): Mark B, La Materialista, JC La Nevula, Braulio Fogon

Producers (Brazil): Cabrera, Ecologyk, Jay Kay, Celo1st, BADZILLA, Champz, Woak, Xochuo

Artists (Brazil): AKA Rasta, Kweller, Krawk, Sotam, Leal, Haitam, Trunks, MC G10, MC Kadu, Fred, MC Dup

“The song camp experience was incredible! It’s great to work with a distributor that doesn’t just think about the cold technology of uploading our songs to streaming platforms, but that also promotes such unique projects like this one, bringing tons of relevant artists together for an exchange that can make a real difference”, Ecologyk, beatmaker and producer.

Listen to the full compilation on Spotify HERE.

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