Brooklyn’s Dark Pop Queen Valley Latini Marks a Modern Day Renaissance in Debut EP “Attention Lover”

Bogota born and NYC-based dark pop artist Valley Latini has announced  the release of her highly anticipated debut project “Attention Lover”. Musically inspired by the industrial sounds of Bushwick, Brooklyn, “Attention Lover” delivers a sexy dose of introspection and refreshing authenticity for lovers of electro pop. Sensual and direct, the eleven track project shares stories of past relationships and love affairs as well as a deeper look at self-love and female empowerment. “Attention Lover” branches further into Latini’s personal life and the relatable chaos that ensues when attempting to fall in love. Sonically, Valley is highly influenced by her religious background. In a transgressive way she chooses to combine said elements with contrasting themes like sensuality and divinity as a unified entity.

As a singer, songwriter and music producer, Valley’s creative style reflects on social issues, self-realization, and personal philosophies on romance, delusion, and joy. Her LIVE performances are centered around the expression of individual freedom and finding power in her female essence. Having recently performed on her national tour with comedian and author Jacq Frances, Valley has performed in venues and bars across NYC as well as Scandinavia, South America and various regions across the United States. Valley’s music has been featured in a few independent films including “Back to Lyla”” and local blogs like Bushwick Daily, The Hudson Valley News, Indie Wire, La Mezcla, and so much more. Recently, she also made her satellite radio debut in 2021 by featuring three songs on Sirius XM’s Pitbull’s Globalization. Now, with a new wave of dark pop coming out of the NYC music scene, Valley is leading the charge with her thoughtfully crafted, 38 minute project which covers the spectrum between transcendence and delusion. The combination of her Colombian upbringing with the sounds of NYC, offer a diverse musical background. In her lyrics she embodies true strength through fearless vulnerability, proving herself to be a modern day renaissance woman.

Listen to “Attention Lover” on Spotify HERE.

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