Karisa, The Model Of Humility And Beauty


A new face to watch out for in high fashion and entertainment is model/influencer Karisa (IG – Karisa.ccc), as she, at the age of only twenty, has accomplished immaculate goals while battling common human vices in depression and anxiety.

From multiple Nick Cannon’s hit show WildNOut appearances to participating in the NAM and Teen New York Pageant, Karisa has  found success few people in her field can ever aspire to have in their careers. Along with many other activities and future career milestones to set, you would think Karisa’s life has been easy; unfortunately, it is not, but it’s what inspires her to achieve a platform.

At one point in her life, she attempted to harm herself due to turbulence in her life and not knowing how to cope with her issues. By the grace of God, she is alive and well today, with the chance to impact many lives in the future. She is one of one, and Karisa aspires to continue to be a role model for not only fellow models but women in general.

Other activities she likes to partake in are lifestreaming her video gaming, competing in beauty competitions, and enjoying a fresh walk out in nature. Karisa’s story is inspirational, and we wish her the best.


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