Gold Coast Horns Bring The Heat & Bounce With Their New Summer Single

The group debuts their new groove and tour at the 2022 Oxnard Jazz Festival

Gold Coast Horns
Super-group the Gold Coast Horns ‘Bounce To This’ is available everywhere, on Friday, August 19, 2022.

One West has been waiting weeks to break the news about a brand-new super-group, on the horizon – the GOLD COAST HORNS! They are a band of four of the baddest, most accomplished Billboard chart-topping hit-makers within the Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and R&B music scenes. Band members include Saxophonist, JEFF RYAN, Trumpeter, LIN ROUNTREE, Saxophonist, JACKIEM JOYNER, and Trumpeter, JOHNNY BRITT. They all served as the inspiration behind Chuck Dennis’ vision for something new. As a jazz music festival and concert promoter who was also a former successful Hip-Hop and Rap concert promoter, Dennis has the eyes and ears for showcasing quality performers.  

Friday, August 19, 2022, is the official street date for ‘BOUNCE TO THIS’. We have a sample of the song for you to LISTEN to (use the inner scroll-down bar).

In addition to concert promotions, Dennis is the executive producer of the Gold Coast Horns group, and the newly released single ‘BOUNCE TO THIS’, on J JAMS Records. The song (written/produced/arranged by Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis and Johnny Britt) is an upbeat, feel-good instrumental laced with all the harmonious elements that Jeff, Lin, Jackiem, and Johnny each bring to the track. ‘BOUNCE TO THIS’ also has a bit of sex appeal and elegance in its full-bodied sound that only the combined efforts of the Gold Coast Horns members can deliver.

‘BOUNCE TO THIS’ is a magnificent blend of the group’s musical excellence and it’s ready for radio and jazz festivals nationwide. You’ll get to experience the Gold Coast Horns and ‘Bounce To This’ live as they make their debut and kick off their tour schedule at this year’s Chuck Dennis Presents 5th Annual OXNARD JAZZ FESTIVAL, September 10, 2022.

The Gold Coast Horns will take their rightful place on the Oxnard stage with music fan favorites such as JEFFREY OSBORNE, NAJEE, HIROSHIMA, JEANETTE HARRIS, ALTHEA RENE, ERIC DARIUS, and THE EMOTIONS. There’s more to come in the following story about the OJF’s entire 2022 line-up of artists.

Here is where you’re able to view the festival’s schedule, buy tickets, and book hotels for the weekend-long event: OXNARD JAZZ FESTIVAL SCHEDULE.

We’ve been following and getting feedback on the rise of Jeff, Lin, Jackiem, and Johnny as solo artists and performers. One West was eager to report this story for you because our musical tastes mature and broaden – oh yeah, and remember, Promoter Chuck Dennis began in the Hip-Hop world. Chuck knew that many of the Rap greats, such as A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, The Roots, Common, Guru, Snoop and Dre have their music bathed in rhythm & blues, thus opening the live music world to a growing audience evolving into sophisticated live music – full of festival aficionados. We’re gonna be there to witness the Gold Coast Horns’ introduction…get ready because we are.

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