Sam Nitsch Drops New Record “Follow Me” Ahead of New Album Release

Ahead of his upcoming album release, NY-based pop artist Sam Nitsch gets real in his engaging and haunting new hit “Follow Me”. Inspired by society’s intense reliance on social media, “Follow Me” presents a Nightmare Before Christmas type energy that brilliantly paints a picture of how intensely attached to screens our society really is.

“Follow me, Like what I do, Tell all your friends, To follow too – What can I say? It’s what I do, Find what you want, I’m like a drug dealer to you” ~ Follow Me

Produced by Sam Nitsch, Evan Bakke, and Chuck Leah, the track is released under the label ‘The Blue Hour’, offering it’s listeners a seamless array of electric ukulele and mellow drum patterns.

Whether passively scrolling through TikTok or rather, dictating every life choice based on it’s online “likeability”, we all seem to be a victim to the system and in Sam’s opinion, it’s destroying our ability to truly connect with one another away from our own screens. Sam pairs his captivating lyrics with a perfectly staged lyric video meant to replicate how it looks and feels when we’re quietly scrolling through our IG stories like zombies, waiting for the next likeable moment to appear.

You can follow Sam on IG here and watch his official lyric video for “Follow Me” here.

You can also find the song on Spotify here today!

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