NYC Artist SAiiNT Chats with us About New Music, Production, and Growing Up in the Band Scene

Introducing SAiiNT, the up and coming alternative artist hailing from New York. The singer, songwriter and producer has recently released his debut single and video, “FK ME UP” to a wave of critical praise thanks to his no holds barred approach to artistry. Channeling the somber romanticism of goth rock artists like The Cure with the tight, hook-laden songwriting style of pop-rock virtuosos like Prince and T.Rex, SAiiNT is bringing old-school rock sentiment back in 2022, and we’re loving it. We caught up with him to chat all about all things SAiiNT, and learn a little about his lengthy background playing in bands around NYC’s iconic live music scene back in the day. Check out our interview below and watch the “FK ME UP” video here

Where does your stage name SAiiNT originate from? 

I’ve been in and out of a bunch of religions and spiritualities and a common thread in all of them is saint-type figures, which I think we all can embody, so I liked invoking that. The ii is for symmetry and to reflect ’11’ sort of elevator -numerological element. I also used “ii” because “11” looked whack.

You made the shift into production before your debut solo project SAiiNT. We noticed your style has a great mix of electronic and actual instrumentation. What inspired this style? 

My first instruments were piano and guitar, and I played in rock bands, so my background is in instrumental/organic music. Electronic production has opened things a lot as a medium of its own, and mixing the two together creates infinite options for unique sounds and textures. For example, sampling guitar sounds to make synths out of them is a lot of fun. 

Alt-pop is becoming increasingly genre-bending (as is all music) in recent years – both with independent and mainstream acts. How would you describe the sound or genre of SAiiNT? 

Yeah, totally. I think we’re moving towards no-genre, which is cool. Describing the sound is tough because of that – I’ve been saying POST-POP. 

You recently released your very first single and video under SAiiNT, called “FK ME UP”? Tell a little bit about what inspired the track? 

The vibe behind the track is the energy and process of turning darkness into something positive, or even fun. 

What’s your main goal for SAiiNT for 2022? Can we expect new music anytime soon? 

2022 is about releasing more music. I’m planning on releasing two more singles this year, and working on a four-song EP to follow those. 

Finally, to close us out, if you had to name three albums that had the biggest influence on your career in music, what would they be and why?

The Cure – Disintegration   

I love the deep mood through consistency. It’s the sound of breaking open

The Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

It has a truly unique sonic structure, pulling sounds from the future into present

Kanye West – MBDTF

This album has all of the qualities above haha 

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