Daniel Prophete Greets the Summertime in Catchy New Hit “Prophete On Top”

LA-based recording artist Daniel Prophete is back and better than ever with a fun and danceable new hit “Prophete On Top”. Greeting the summertime on a high note, the track delivers tropical dancehall vibes paired with a fun house party music video that makes you want to spend your summer in the Hollywood Hills. Set in Los Angeles, the track gives off a flirty, sensual mood — in the video we watch the young artist swoon over a beautiful woman who later joins him at his late night party. Originally raised in Haiti, Prophete gets his inspiration from a variety of artists including Nat King Cole, The Platters and Michael Jackson.

You don’t want to miss out on Daniel Prophete’s new single. It’s the perfect addition to any weekend party playlist.

Watch “Prophete On Top” on YouTube HERE.

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