Leethadon the drill rapper from Baltimore, is making music the world will love

Baltimore drill rapper, Leethadon, recognized his authentic sound early on, and his self-awareness of his skills propelled him into the music world. Better known to his peers as “Captain Hook”, he started pumping out bangers with unforgettable choruses. As a young kid, he watched his older brother making music in their basement and Leethadon instantly fell in love. Formerly known as Benji Dinero, the Maryland rapper is proud of his progression and 20,000+ streams. His elevation in music drives him forward despite facing setbacks and envy in a cutthroat industry. 

Leethadon has many nicknames, and one that embodies what he envisions for his future is “The Voice”. He desires to write about real life and speak for people stuck in poverty and those incarcerated. He’s “The Voice” but for everyone. He hopes to continue to connect with his fanbase and get to know them as they understand him better. Currently, the drill artist is working on an EP that he plans to release on Halloween 2022. We can expect more commanding hooks from Captain Hook as he charts his course to success. 

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