Grass Valley Rock Band Drops Sonically Haunting EP “An Offering”

Hailing from the hills of Grass Valley, CA, cinematic rock band Follow Me Dark deliver a captivating journey through cross-genre soundscapes in their debut EP “The Offering”. Meant to direct listeners through dark recesses, screaming excesses and lulling retreats, “The Offering” stuns with incisive lyrics and edgy instrumentals that challenge the computer-driven music of 2022. Acknowledging the rapidly changing landscape of mainstream music, Follow Me Dark channeled their creative influences and produced a product that appeals to fans of 90’s alt-rock, early 2000’s emo and metal as well as old school new wave with dashes of classic rock. Their modernized approach to such a beloved range of soundscapes will leave you asking the airwaves for more guitar.

“I’ve emptied my spirit, I’ve shouted my oath to the sun, Waiting for the twilight to reveal all we’ve lost” ~ The Offering

While each and every song stands strongly on its own, the EP feels like an organic merging of creative inspirations. The band always puts the song first, which is reflected in their collaborative spirit. By allowing each band member an equal say in the songwriting process, their tracks offer sounds with wide appeal, dipping their toes into nostalgia while always looking forward toward what’s to come. The debut EP channels influence from notable acts like Tool, Deftones and Rage Against the Machine. While confronting tough topics that have riddled our collective consciousness for the past few years, the band delivers uplifting lyrics, encouraging fans to lean on spiritual practice and to detach themselves from negativity. Their dynamic approach reconnects listeners to timelessness; in a world where everything feels fleeting, bands like Follow Me Dark are a refreshing discovery not meant to be ignored.

About Follow Me Dark: Follow Me Dark is a genre-pushing alternative rock/metal band formed in Grass Valley, CA in 2019. Consisting of Stephen Kozak (vocals/guitar), Sean Delphi (guitar), Elliott Grove (bass), and Jim Boots (drums), the band’s sound ranges from wailing metal riffs to intricate textural interludes, from melodic rock choruses to emotional breakdowns, from bliss to hysteria, agony to triumph. The music takes the listener on a journey through emotional and spiritual peaks and valleys, daring us to step outside the tunnel visions of modern life and connect to the mythical undertaking of perfecting the soul, rocking the hell out along the way.

Listen to “An Offering” on Spotify HERE.

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