Rilla Da Goat Single “Cheeetahs” Is Shaking Up The Industry

Being raised in Pasadena,Ca, with a background of challenges and hardships, Rilla Da Goat has dealt with some battles in the city as he was shot three times. With that life changing experience he managed to take those situations and put them into his music, which became a priority to him.  Rilla Da Goat keeps his head up with the mentality that he could help inspire others from his city to see that they can make it out of their challenging environments.

The rising artist, who got his name from helping others and combining it in with the “most human-like animal,” began freestyling in 2018. Hustle has always been something that was instilled in him and making music made it come out even more. From long hours in the studio he began spending countless nights sleeping in the studio  just to get music rolling out. After he got a solid catalog of music recorded, he dropped his first project in 2019, titled “Addicted Da Demo”, and then in 2020 he released “Who Dat Be Rilla.” Spending so much time in the studio motivated him to learn how to produce his own music and that when he decided to collaborate with his engineer and cook up beats together. After creaking countless beats, one of those beats birthed his hit single “Cheeetas.” His single is one of his hit songs to date that is being played all across the country and in several clubs in Hollywood. It is just a matter of time until Rilla takes off with his music.

Rilla Da Goat will be dropping a project this summer so make sure you keep an eye out for it and until then stream his single “Cheetas” on all streaming platforms.

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