Alt-Rock Band Ink to Spill Ends the Year with “Motion of the Ocean”

Serving as the anchor to an insightful and introspective trilogy of singles, “Motion of the Ocean” concludes a songwriters journey through past memories, both good and bad. In “Motion” we are given a more positive outlook on lead songwriter Bob Sauer’s experiences with his late father. The nod to not forgetting about the good times in life comes paired with a vulnerable new music video, shot entirely in Virginia Beach where Bob resides. In the visual, we witness Bob release his fathers ashes in a place where the two of them shared the fondest memories. Led by lead singer Gus Reeve’s soulful vocals as well as Ernie Adams’ internationally-renowned drum patterns, we are given a unique and lush soundscape that pairs seamlessly with the weight of Bob’s honest and authentic storytelling.

Having received high praises from Grit Daily, The Hype Magazine, Medium Magazine, Thrive Global, Tattoo Magazine, The Virginian-Pilot, The Hollywood Tribune and many more, the coast-to-coast-to-coast band continues to make waves, touch hearts and advocate for all that is good, while effortlessly remaining true to themselves. We look forward to more heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling in 2022.

Watch the official music video for “Motion of the Ocean” HERE.

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