Trust Tate: The Rapper who Cheated Death and Shifted Culture

Trust Tate is an artist and songwriter with a truly unique history. As he often likes to say, he shouldn’t even have an account to speak of, because in theory, Tate should not be here to share it, in light of his tragic past when he was only a little 7-months old baby. While in his stroller in the Bronx, baby Trust Tate tragically caught the whim of a gunfight’s crossfire. He took bullets and experienced some wounds, but he was thankfully able to recover and move on with the rest of his life.  In light of this catastrophic event, Tate changed for the better and adopted a new mindset fueled by an honest conviction that life is precious and fragile.

Each day matters, and being content with what you have is a rare discipline that many overlook––this is crucial to grasping your purpose and fulfilling your calling.  In Trust Tate’s case, holding fast to his musical roots and bestowing his zeal for music with those he loves is worth fighting for every moment.

The rapper’s rich background boasts some of the rawest and most authentic east coast hip-hop.  Consequently, Tate’s father rolled with some legendary names, but more importantly, he had a hugely eclectic musical upbringing due to being exposed to a wide variety of genres and styles. He even lived above a bar, which would play music he would learn to adopt as his own.  As a musician, songwriter and producer, Trust Tate is a powerhouse, an artist who knows what it means to make inspiring and influential music that intends to create a much more robust relationship with people of all walks of life. One of the most exciting things about his sound is that you immediately sense a responsibility to sincere lyricism. He is the real deal, and he has never abandoned his roots, making his songs all the more magical and genuine. People understand it innately when they listen to quality music made from a deep place, and you really cannot go wrong with such phenomenal talent at play. This incredible songwriter knows a thing or two about making fantastic music happen in the hip-hop vein. He is no stranger to genre-bending; this helps him amplify his creative edge and secure his tracks with a unique attitude.

Things could have gone wrong when he was a baby on that faithful day, but thankfully life had other plans; now, Trust Tate uses his story to elevate others around him and create a platform that will leave a lasting legacy.

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