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1) How did growing up in Vegas affect your musical style?

I think growing up in Las Vegas affected my music style by giving it a blend of night life vibes, underground influence, and showmanship due to being an entertainment based city.

2) Who are some artists local to Vegas that have caught your eye?

Artists local to Las Vegas that have caught my attention are Cato, Yzzi, and Theo. Yzzi is a one man band focusing on guitars/vocals. Cato is a rapper with ambitious bars and energy. Theo is more of a lyrical or conscious rapper always on the grind.

3) What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in music thus far?

I’d say my biggest achievements in music so far is building my own recording studio and having mixed/mastered my own recent project “The Establishment”. Performing at local venues as well. Basically having a lot of my own independence during this project.

4) You say you were born in Germany – do you ever listen to any international Hip Hop artists?

Although I was born in Germany I do not know of any international artist that I listen to outside of any American nationals. It would be a great opportunity to work with internationals as it could expand awareness but overall none yet.

5) Tell us a little bit more about your latest project “The Establishment”

“The Establishment” is my latest project released on April 2nd. It is my 2nd EP recorded and mixed/mastered by myself. I called it “The Establishment” because it represents me building my own order of things and trying to bring my own ambitions/visions to realization. The buildings blocks of an empire. The potential of the future.

6) What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced during your musical career?

The biggest challenges I have faced so far with music is just getting my music to a larger audience to hear and be more aware of it. Another challenge is because of the pandemic it has made in person shows and travel opportunities non viable for a time. Hopefully as the pandemic recedes more opportunities arise.

7) Should we expect any new music to come out in 2021?

Most definitely should expect more music coming this year in 2021. Already working on some more songs and concepts for future projects. No exact dates on anything but this summer is going to be a season to look out for. Got music videos planned and more heat cooking up.

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