Mia Martina & Ky-Lee Join Forces to Releases New Book “Boss Up Your Life”

Boss Up Your Life: A Girls Guide to Her Dream Career is without a doubt a female-empowerment masterpiece. Best known for her internationally-renowned hit “Stereo Love”, multi-platinum recording artist Mia Martina has teamed up with award-winning author and publisher Ky-Lee Hanson to release a book meant to help women turn their talents into money making machines. Boss Up Your Life uniquely encourages women to stand up for themselves while maintaining empathy for other women. Brilliantly released on the heels of Women’s History Month, the two lady bosses live by the famous motto “Empowered women empower women” as they hope to inspire others to pursue their passions without fear.

In the book, Mia shares her personal journey of going from a small town girl to international stardom as a multi-business tycoon. She hopes her willingness to be vulnerable will help teach girls how self-leadership can thrive through a collaborative rather than competitive mindset. This mindset requires a critical shift in the way that we think as Mia and Ky-Lee support the ‘sister code’, aiming to help one another rise together during wildly turbulent times. They want each girl to step into authentic girl power, get her money, get her success; live the Bosswoman life––controlling your journey while embracing creativity and kindness––all while being driven by a purpose to better the lives of every person you shine on.

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