Gooney Shakur & Errol Westbrook Unite Colors in New Single “Song Cry” prod. Don Key

Rising Little Rock rapper Gooney Shakur sings from the heart in his soulful track “Song Cry”, with fellow rapper Errol “EDubb” Westbrook. The Don Key produced track brings the two together both from an area notorious for the inner-city gang violence as seen on the Crips and Bloods “Banging in Little Rockdocumentary seen on HBO in 1994.

Almost three decades later, a new generation is born as the two rappers create their blueprint for the youth in their communties. As they unite in peace attacking issues distorting the realties of poverty, police brutality, and racism, Shakur continue creates timeless music preserving the Natural State culture.

Listen to “Song Cry” below and stay connected with Gooney Shakur here.




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