Diz Does Starting The Year Off Strong By Dropping Two Singles. The Independent Artist Confirms There Is More Music On The Way!

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, Diz Does is not your typical rap artist. His dark trap sound described as melodic with an aggressive flow has a combination of rap and rock that is new to the music industry. Ready to create a new lane with his unique sound, the independent artist is eager to write and produce tracks that will make an impact!

Diz Does is a seasoned artist that has a long history of making music. In fact, he recalls recording tracks in his closet with a laptop and a microphone from radio shack at the age of 13. However, it was when he was 11 years old, (two years prior) when he got his first taste of what life would be like as a musician.

“I started doing music at 11 years old with my father.” Diz Does explained, “He made me back him up at his shows when he performed positive rap music.”

They later formed a group called EM3 Productionz and went all around the nation making an impact on troubled youth. During that time, Diz Does says performing in front of large crowds prepared him for his life as a musician and from then to now, he’s been serious about making music.

After dealing with a traumatic 2020, due to the loss of his grandma and a fatal health scare, Diz Does is ready to make 2021 his best year yet. He admits, “this life is short” and his goal is to be at the top!  While releasing new music is a priority for the up-and-coming artist, Diz Does revealed he would also like to have a helping hand in his community.

“I have a passion for kids and education.” He explained, “I feel like there is a gap that can be bridged for inner-city youth and knowledge.”

Starting the year off strong, the up-and-coming artist is making a statement by releasing back-to-back tracks! Earlier this month he dropped visuals for his track “Past Tense” AND his latest single “Stimulus Pack”. The hustle doesn’t stop there, Diz Does confirmed via social media that he would be releasing his next single “Toxic” NEXT month! Now its no secret that the independent artist is ready to lock in a record deal and become a full-time recording artist, it’s looking like Diz Does is already proving why he should be the next artist on the rise!

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