DatBoiiPolo Is Ready To Tackle The New Year With His Upcoming EP and Merch Line!

Up and Coming artist DatBoiIPolo was once a student athlete when he decided last year that he would give his music career a shot. He was attending Mira Costa College as a student basketball player and as the season ended he told himself it was time for a break. It was then when the independent artist made the move back to his hometown in Orange County. Known for his days as a party promoter, DatBoiiPolo came back home and went straight to work. He found himself in the studio with a group of friends and by the looks of it he never left.

He revealed, “At first I was I was just supporting them and focusing on my hoops cause I was really heem on the court, but eventually they got me on the wave and I ran with it.”

Since the beginning of his journey, DatBoiiPolo has released 18 studio singles. His favorite of them all would be “What’s Really Hannin”, this single is what got the OC artist to receive recognition in the industry.

DatBoiiPolo says that he genuinely loves being a musician. He loves being able to network and get introduced to new people. He admits, “There is so much talent in this game it’s unbelievable and the amount of knowledge that gets thrown at me just turns me up to really get deep with this music.”

Two people he says give him the motivation to chase his dreams are his mother and grandmother. Both having some history in music, DatBoiiPolo says they taught him everything he knows and showed him how to attack what he wants in life.

The up and coming artist is off to a great start! Within the first year of career he booked 10 shows, received radio play opportunities, and took a couple interviews. In the next year, DatBoiiPolo hopes to complete an EP and an album along with picking up deals to branch out in the industry. He also revealed that he is working on a merch line coming out soon!

Looks like DatBoiiPolo is ready to tackle the new year. As a new, up and coming artist in the industry, we asked the Orange Country rapper what advice would he have given to his younger self and he responded… “Find your talent and fall in love with it, and master all the little things before you jump to big situations. All the little critical things you do that matter are gonna lead up to the blessing situations. Do It the right way or don’t do at all , only you can control you.”

IG: @DatBoiiPolo

YouTube Channel: DatBoiiPolo

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