Tommy Lee Is Playing No Games In 2020. The Up and Coming Artist Confirms He’s Been Working On New Music.

Up and coming artist Tommy Lee kicked off the year by recording his first track back in January. Since then Tommy Lee has been focused on making new music. The hip hop artist has a diverse and melodic sound that is a breath of fresh air in this industry.

At the beginning, Tommy Lee was indecisive about starting his career because he was torn between taking music seriously or leaving it as a passion. However, he discovered that the process of writing lyrics was a creative way to get things off his mind.

“I think music to be really a way for me to get a lot of feelings off of my chest.” He explained, “I don’t really know how to show my pain or my feelings. Before I even started rapping I always would just feel music on a different level.”

Tommy Lee revealed that he went through dark times when his career in sports didn’t take off which led him falling into a depression. During this time, he got caught up with the system and ultimately regrets letting his family down. Within all of that he wants his fans to look at him as some one they can relate to.

He admits, “I’m looking to show people just like me that they aren’t the only ones going through the issues they are facing or the only ones that are having the thoughts that they don’t tell anyone”

Overall Tommy Lee’s goal is to become an artist that’s more than just a rapper and take his music worldwide. He believes that his ability to keep his music real and authentic is what sets him apart from other artists in the industry.

As of now, the up and coming artist has yet to release his debut EP but he did confirm that he has been working on a ton of new music!

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