Ajay Luciano’s New Track Will Make You Want To “Go Outside”

Ajay Luciano is an artist who is ready to put his city on the map. He was born in Arkansas and currently lives in Tennesee. His genre is Hip-Hop/R&B and you can describe his sound as melodic rap with a West Coast vibe to it. He looks up to artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Young Thug. Earlier this year, Ajay Luciano released his EP, “Hold Up, I’m Coming” and you can get to know Ajay Luciano below!

What inspired your artist name?

The first part of my name from my original nickname, and I threw Luciano on there to add a Lil spice on it to keep it from being so dry & add a little light to it. And where did you get the name from? It came from me going everywhere and standing out, not being cocky but it’s like adding a spark to the flame by the meaning of Luciano, my lifestyle kind of inspired me to say I’ll stick with the name.

When did you start doing music? And when did you start taking it seriously?

I started around my 11th-grade year actually about 2013 but I never took it seriously, I was just trying something. I took a break from it because I didn’t have any back up on it being in school and trying to keep myself up. I started taking it seriously exactly bout a little over a year ago when I got myself together & saw I was where I want to be for the moment in life and thought I should take the shot while I can.

Who inspires your sound/music?

I would say my sound is very diverse, I got an open ear for a lot of music but I grew up younger listening to a lot of R&B & Soul music other than Lil Wayne & 50 Cent I’ll say also. Up until about my teen years I switched over into rap. By that time Chief Keef came about around the drill era. So my ears kinda changed but I still will listen to that R&B on a normal basis.

Who is your motivation and why?

Parents, family, daughter & a lot more. I feel like I got a point to prove because I always have been looked over and been pushed in the dark. Forgotten about & all types of things. From people thinking that I can’t do things and won’t succeed in anything. Close people think this way, so I take it all as motivation. As well as this interview I’m thankful for all opportunities, and if you see something in me to work with me that’s more motivation for me to know that at least someone believes in me, so I’ll push and work for something.

What are your goals when it comes to your music career?

So I’ll be honest and say I’m still working on my long-term goals cause I’m trying to figure out. So I don’t really have none to stick with but as for my short and reachable goals for right now is me to get my marketing and following together right now. I’m working on trying to sell my look and getting my movement together to put out there. So for now those are my goals and also getting in some venues for some show sets.

What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

I just want to motivate & let everyone know we all can do it if you really work and put in the time. If you have a plan it will work you will just have to stick to it go all in. I want to impact everyone that I can without bringing a negative vibe. From kids & elders if I can.

Any life-changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career, your decision to do music, your journey? 

Yes, my daughter is a major impact just cause of the fact that in 2017 I got shot and was borderline on my death bed. But like I never knew she was mine or coming, it was a pop-up type of thing that shit was possible mines. And I always think back on if I would have died. Cause my lungs collapsed twice before I got together and thinking of that situation make me think I can’t go back to that point cause I use to think like I should have died cause I couldn’t take the pain of recovering. But then if I would’ve died I would’ve never known I had a daughter so she just a major motivation for me to let me know that I got things i got to do out here & take care of and I’m going to handle them.

Where can we hear/check out your music?

Just search Ajay Luciano on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube & everywhere else. I got a few visuals out also.

Instagram: ajayluciano9

Facebook: Ajay Luciano

YouTube: Ajay Luciano


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