‘Ancient History Hunters: Straight Out of America’ Documentary Film Embraced by ‘Indian Country News & Media’

Indian Country News – American Indigenous Media is an independent news network executive produced by Chief Netjer of the ‘Landlords’ an indigenous tribal nation.

Hollywood, CA – Filmmaker, Diane Blackmon appeared recently on ‘Indian Country News and Media’ podcast hosted by, Chief Netjer. Netjer, a Long Island, NY based indigenous influencer, and founder of The Landlord’s YouTube community channel. Netjer and his powerful grassroots collectives encompass many American Indian nations, tribes, and affiliates. The Chief has embraced Blackmon’s critically acclaimed, documentary Ancient History Hunters: Straight Out of America. The documentary researches the ancient original people of the Americas, as told through the genetics of the paternal ‘Father Gene’, and exposes the systemic cover-ups of their true history.

Chief Netjer had this to say, “Our goal here is to simply help our people connect and to place history in its truthful place. Diane Blackmon has been fighting for the American Indian for a very-long-time. Her focus and dedication are paramount.” Atsila Yona (a Choctaw, Cherokee) added, “Our elders and ancestors were killed for being indigenous to this land. No matter what happens we won’t be silent.”

Affiliates including the American Indian Council and No Grandma Killers Ancestry have all allied in-order to educate on their unique American Indian lineage, heritage, culture, and history. Other YouTube American Indian, Cultural, and History influencers are, Kurimeo Ahau, Tasha Xi, and Atsila Yona, among many others. The Indian Country News (ICN) platform was designed to share important cultural, political, economic, and historical news to the communities.

‘ANCIENT HISTORY HUNTERS: STRAIGHT OUT OF AMERICA IN SEARCH OF ATLANTIS’ takes viewers on a journey to where civilization began through centuries of whitewashing indigenous history.

Documentary Film Synopsis: 

Indie filmmaker/producer Diane Blackmon and the Ancient History Hunters research team, along with a group of Canadian citizen scientists, and geneticists who excavate erased American antiquity history. The researchers delve into the American Indian male, indigenous haplogroup, and the historic “Father Gene”. The rare haplogroup traced back (35,000 – 50,000 years) and is predominately found in the Americas. The filmmaker’s, father’s paternal, bloodline, and lineage are carriers of this ancient pedigree. The groundbreaking documentary film explores many ancient American mysteries, including Black Wall Street, ‘History of Queen Califia’, and the California Blacks. Revealing lost civilizations and mega-stone monuments never-before-seen. Order today!

Visit:  AncientHistoryHunter.com

The Landlords Youtube Channel

No Grandma Killers Tour Site, Phoenix Moon, Founder

Shop Origine, Atsila Yona, Entrepreneur

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