The Impressive Rise of Emerging Hip Hop Label ‘MiFly’

Now more than ever before, people are looking to the leaders in their field. The music industry has taken a massive hit in 2020 and artists & fans alike are wondering how everyone is staying afloat. With this in mind, it may be the perfect time to have your own business. Colleagues C Dub, Cash Boii Duce, Goodbook & Goldeci all agree that they wish to achieve ultimate success in every aspect of life that came their way. Launching their hip hop and r&b label ‘MiFly’ has manifested the success that they were craving; now standing nine members strong, they continue to grow and thrive as accomplished entrepreneurs and collaborators. The label grew out of a bond between like-minded individuals. Goodbook and Marlo.Primo are currently spearhead the happenings between their group of artists and their creative endeveours.

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Admittedly, CEO C Dub says that their biggest challenge thus far has been marketing themselves as a successful indie label and brand. Despite their accomplishments, they understand the importance of creating a unique and inspiring story to help them stand apart from all of the music industry noise. Thankfully, the pandemic has allowed them the time needed to reevaluate and take a deeper look into the MiFly brand, pulling together their message with a positive mindset. They believe that it’s important to acknowledge the bad while also focusing on the good that has come out of this introspective time.

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While coining their biggest accomplishment as the creation of that family bond, MiFly stands together as a cohesive unit in support of their own efforts as well as the many dreams that have yet to be fulfilled in the music industry. MiFly artist Cash Boii Duce marks the label as a perfect fit for him; after a hiatus from music, he found the MiFly family to welcome him and his inspiration to create authentic art with open arms.

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In their opinion, the music industry’s greatest strength is what it always has been, which is creating a platform for the artist to express themselves. The greatest weakness is the lack of support for artists that don’t fit into the cookie cutter mold that is expected by the majority. This is what sets MiFly apart; their openness and willingness to accept new and innovative art will create a long lasting longevity in this industry for many years to come.

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