One West Interview: FTF Double A— Memphis Next Hip-Hop Star

FTF Double A is a rising artist from Memphis, Tn who is lyrical and has a unique melodic style/flow. The music that he creates is relatable to many audiences. He is quickly generating a buzz around his brand/music, especially in the Southern states.

One West: Where you from and tell me about the culture?
FTF Double A: I’m from Memphis, Tenn. and we have a rich musical culture and it’s only getting better and better.

One West: Who are your musical influences?
FTF Double A: As far as my sound, I don’t have any influences but I’m motivated by the success of rappers out of my city such as Yo Gotti, Moneybagg Yo, Etc.

One West: How did you first find a passion with hip-hop?
FTF Double A: I first found my passion for hip-hop when I was younger. My dad was really into writing, producing and recording music; so it was natural. I started off just freestyling in my free time and trying to write, I recorded my first few songs around the ages 6 or 7 and I love it ever since.

One West: What’s the Memphis sound? 
FTF Double A: The Memphis sound is up-tempo trap/crunk type music, dating all the way back to 3 6 Mafia, Playa Fly, etc.

One West: What do you want to contribute to the city? 
FTF Double A: I want to bring a different sound and message to the city. It seems like everybody is following the same wave/trend, but I’m coming with something different, that’s why I feel like I can stand out from the crowd.

One West: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about success?
FTF Double A: The biggest lesson I’ve learned about success is that you have to have work ethic to achieve it, stay dedicated, and that “Success is the enemy of our God-given potential,” I have that quote tattooed on my left forearm.

One West: You recently released “Better Me” do you feel like everything you’ve worked for is getting you ready for the greatest story told?
FTF Double A: Yes I feel like my new single “Better Me” can touch and change a lot of people, and it already has been. The video has been out for a few months and has reached 111,000 views on Facebook and 71,000 on YouTube. The song is based off of my everyday life trying to better myself is a man, father, and artist, etc. I feel like a lot of people can relate to it and it’ll be the single that takes me to the next level and changes my life forever.

One West: Anything else in the works for you and which producers would you like to work with?
FTF Double A:  I plan on promoting “Better Me” the rest of 2020 and trying to get it reach it’s full potential. I’ve learned that when you’re upcoming and new to the game that singles is are the best way to grow your audience versus a whole project because you’re giving the listeners one piece of work to focus on. And there is no producers in specific I would like to work with, I like anything that fits my sound/style.

One West: What’s next for you this year and what you look forward to in 2021? 
FTF Double A: For the rest of this year I’m going to put money behind my single “Better Me” because I truly believe it is a hit and can make a big impact on the world in a positive way. And for 2021, I look forward to success. I feel like this time next year I’ll be on a whole new level as far as my music career and success.

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