Eric Bellinger Meditation Music

Eric Dropped A Surprise EP & It’s Gooood

Tour life started for the singer/songwriter a few weeks ago, and somehow he’s still able to release dope music. Eric Bellinger shocked us all today with a new EP titled, “Meditation Music”. The release date and the title is no coincidence with today being National Meditation Day. Eric is known for being a lover of yoga so it makes sense that he’d give us good vibey music.

“May 31st is National Meditation Day and I really wanted to bring awareness to the lifestyle as a whole. I truly believe that yoga and meditation have changed my life for the better. It was a secret I felt I needed to share. Music is my platform…I always wanna do everything in my power to make the world a better place by way of my gift”, says Eric.

Meditate until you elevate while listening to “Meditation Music”, available below via Soundcloud!

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