Watch L.A.’s NNO New Video, “200 Degrees”

Meet NNO, a New Orleans artist on the rise, known for his cutthroat lyrics about real life struggles and encounters over rhythmic unforgettable cadences. This is shown on NNO’s brand new sizzling hot single, “200 Degrees”. Pay homage to his hometown sound, the Uptown soldier is riding a wave on the West Coast that is quickly spreading into other regions of the U.S..

Brief backstory on NNO, while originally from Calliope Projects, like most, NNO was forced to relocate following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Rooting himself and family in Los Angeles, NNO saw the obstacle as elevating to another level musically and got the attention of a newfound fan base that can’t get enough of the gritty street collection that is undeniably buzzworthy.

NNO is signed to the new record label OverTheWorld by B.O.W. of platinum-selling group Audio Push. NNO is the first act out of the Audio Push’s new imprint and has received the moniker of “Mr. Take yo Chip and Yo Chick”.

“200 Degrees” is off of NNO’s forthcoming EP, titled, ‘M.O.E.T. (Money Over Everything Twice)’, slated for a late-2018 release. On the highly-anticipated debut, NNO says the EP will be Giving his fans and peers an inside look on where he came from and how he continues knocking down every barrier put in his way; to overcome the odds of the dead -end lifestyle set out for him.

Watch “200 Degrees” below.

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