New York’s Icey Has Arrived, Now Listen Up

Syed Ahsan (born April 29th, 1995), best known by the stagename Icey is Bengali American recording artist from Bangladesh-by-way-of-New York City. Discovering his passion for music at 10-years-old, Icey has been grooming his skills to compete on an elite level within today’s musical landscape. Since moving stateside, Icey spent his free time studying live performances and the diversity within the world of music. Well educated, Icey began creating his own music and within several years, he created a buzz for himself throughout the East Coast.

In 2018, Icey released his debut mixtape shortly after relocating to South Florida. Icey’s debut is compiled of contemporary and signature East Coast lyricism. Quickly becoming a commercial phenomenon, Icey is ready to take the rest of the world by storm thanks in part to his debut available now for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

Checkout Icey music today via Spotify

Like Icey? Purchase music from Icey now available on Apple Music.

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