Jor-G Drops New LP, ‘Sessions’

Jor-G built a heavy amount of anticipation for his new project, now at a fever pitch, the up-and-coming recording artist unleashes the final production to the highly-anticipated new album, entitled, ‘Sessions’.

The project includes intense lyricism, solid production, and overall brilliant concept. Jor-G is gearing up to be a force to be reckoned with in this music business.

Brief background on Jor-G. Spending two of the most crucial years of his life behind bars– Jor-G built up a sizable skillset while doing his time. As he free-styled to the beats in his mind around the prison-yard, those skills were noticed…they were appreciated…the rhymes were relatable, and real. Confirmation of talent can come from anywhere in life – and for Jor-G, those nods of approval came from the hardest of the hard inside the prison walls. Once he was finally released in 2003, he immediately went into beast-mode and put every minute he had into the music. Determined to make the most of every minute in life outside of prison – Jor-G dropped his first single “They Ain’t Ready 4 Me” and used the experience as the blueprint to guide him in refining his talents and abilities even further in order to seriously take his career to the next level.

To date, ‘Sessions,’ has chart-topped on Billboard at #2 (HeatSeekers South Atlantic ) and #40 (R&B/Hip-Hop Album Sales).

Listen to ‘Sessions’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

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