Music from Recording Artist Wicked Haize

Wicked Haize

Wicked Haize was born Nov. 9th 1994 in San Bernardino CA. Although his life experiences growing up weren’t the best conditions, he was able to apply these experiences to his music. He would always write just about his day-to-day life.

Wicked Haize is the 2nd oldest of 7; 4 brothers & 3 sisters. His family had been split the majority of his life. Haize lived with his extended family a lot of years growing up. Also moving from house to house and even being homeless at a period of time living in his own.

Writing was always passion for Wicked Haize since a young kid , but he began taking music seriously during his high school years.

Performing at shows throughout the Orange County and even having a couple performances in the LA County area.

Wicked Haize loves what he does and hopes he can inspire many others to follow their dream. He has been recording music for a little over 2 years. Keeping an open mind to collaborating he’s always eager to get on a record or create music with another artist.





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