Rolling Stone by Jitsu Gaiden is a Masterpiece

Jitsu Gaiden

The newest release by Jitsu Gaiden is a visual masterpiece. He conceptualizes the story of a Rolling Stone vividly 8. Find out more about Jitsu Gaiden by reading below:

Jermaine “Jitsu Gaiden” Dave first ventured into rapping at the age of 10, drawing inspiration of creativity from Michael Jackson. Uniquely Jitsu means Technique and Gaiden means story, so he tells his story through the technique of his music.  It wasn’t until his freshman year of college nearly a decade later that he fell back in love with the craft He first started producing which insight rekindled that burning passion for creating his own music and the rest is history. His influence of style comes from rap pioneer Juicy J and Taylor Gang’s own Wiz Khalifa. Jitsu wants to inspire others to make their dreams a reality.He pledged Omega Psi Phi Spring 2014 and will be releasing his new EP mid-Novemberentitled Doped Owt. Be on the lookout for what this creative lyrical monster has in store for the game.

“If you ain’t terrified of your dreams, then you ain’t dreaming big enough” Jitsu


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