Meet Looklive-The Hottest Fashion platform in The World

Looklive is a unique platform to find the trendiest fashion outfits that celebrities are wearing. What makes Looklive unique is how the platform allows you to find the best outfits the fashion world has to offer. Looklive lets you find your favorite celebrities and buy the exact same outfit you saw them wearing directly from the clothing brand. What’s even better is that if you don’t have a budget for Gucci, Louie Vuitton, Prada, etc the platform gives you comparable cost-effective outfits that match what you saw your favorite icons or celebrities wearing which will give you an affordable way to stay trendy without breaking the bank. Currently, this company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA being run by a team full of millennials. Dr. Paul Judge is a visionary and trendsetter who has been instrumental in Looklive’s success. After winning the world renowned Y-Combinator, Looklive relocated to Atlanta, GA to further expand its foothold in the fashion space. You can find almost any clothing brand on Looklive through the imagery of your favorite celebrities. You can discover and buy what you like the most and subscribe to their platform to stay updated on the latest fashion items on the marketplace. I personally love the user experience and design of Looklive. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I have been able to personally meet Chidiebere Kalu, Chief Operating Officer of Looklive who discussed the amazing features the platform has and what is coming up. Chidiebere is a phenomenal alumnus of Moorehouse College, an HBCU Institution which Dr. Paul Judge has also graduated from. The platform is really uncomparable to anything I have seen before and as an avid techie myself I find it hard to believe that any platform out there will be able to compete with Looklive. The horizon for Looklive is looking bright and it is an amazing way to stay on top of the hottest trends in fashion. There are currently over 350,000 people on the Looklive platform. Join the movement and become a part of the best platform for your fashion needs. You can go to or download the mobile app on the App Store for Apple by clicking here.

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