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West Coast, San Jose, CA – Lazy-Boy drops his debut project “In My Hood” online now at CDBaby and hard copies in hand. Coming soon to iTunes. A fresh breath of air coming out of San Jose, California. The Bay Area has bred a lot of unique emcees with their own styles that have taken over the mainstream music. This project is going to showcase the lifestyle in the bottom of the bay.
Lazy-Boy has been hard at work on his project ever since his emergence in this hip hop game. In a short amount of time he has captured the ears of listeners all over the Bay Area with his unique flow. Time to showcase his talent for not just drumming up hit singles on the go, but his delivery as well as his gritty gift for penning out the streets so vividly. The San Jose emcee has a strong understanding of the game, and now is his time to take over.
With 20 tracks guest featuring Birch Boy Barie, Young Gully, Young Chop, Molly G, Stevie Joe, Celly Ru, AG Cubano, Willie Joe, Cutty Banks, KD Tha Goer, Baby Gas, Lil kev, Joseph Kay, Mob Jr, Deltrice and more. Production from JuneOnnaBeat, B.M.O.C., Bear On The Beat, Slimmy On The Beat, Koast, Traxamillion, Einer Bankz, Joseph Kay and more. Lazy-Boy has definitely been putting in a lot of work on this project.
Coming onto the scene with the 1st single “In My Hood” produced by JuneOnnaBeat, from the first listen you can tell he had a talent for crafting a strong song that was catchy and had replay value. He then came with the 2nd single “Hella Missed Calls” produced by Bear On The Beat, the infectious hit is still growing bigger everyday and shows that his skills are up to par with region hit makers. He then came and did a super remix to his hit “In My Hood” and recruited Sacramento’s Celly Ru, Oakland’s Young Chop and San Francisco’s Molly G to give it that Northern California feel.Before the project dropped, he unleashed another single “Paranoid” featuring Oakland’s own Birch Boy Barie with production from Slimmy On The Beat. With it’s catchy hook and dope instrumental, this is one that’s gonna be in everyone’s playlist. Grab the project below and enjoy this dope project.


01. Lazy-Boy – In My Hood (Produced by JuneOnnaBeat)
02. Lazy-Boy – Rep My Gang (Produced by Koast & Traxamillion)
03. Lazy-Boy ft. Aftah Sum & Stevie Joe – Understand (Produced by Joey Mystro)
04. Lazy-Boy ft. Cutty Banks – On My Soul (Produced by JuneOnnaBeat)
05. Lazy-Boy ft. Sneakz & Cutty Banks – Stuck In My Ways
06. Lazy-Boy – Hella Missed Calls (Produced by BearOnTheBeat)
07. Lazy-Boy ft. Aftah Sum & KD Tha Goer – Neighborhood Factors (Produced by Overdose Beatz)
08. Lazy-Boy ft. Birch Boy Barie, Young Gully & Birch St Wit It – Ridin (Produced by Kev Knocks)
09. Lazy-Boy ft. Molly G & Young Chop – Find A Way (Produced by Fre$co)
10. Lazy-Boy – Just Another Day
11. Lazy-Boy ft. Bandaide of The Hoodstarz – Been Thru (Produced by Koast & Einer Bankz)
12. Lazy-Boy ft. Mob Jr & Joseph Kay – Hold You Down (Produced by Joseph Kay)
13. Lazy-Boy – Bout This Shit (Produced by JuneOnnaBeat)
14. Lazy-Boy ft. Young Gully & Birch Boy Barie – Been In The Struggle (Prod. B.M.O.C.)
15. Lazy-Boy – Eryday Shit (Produced by Koast & Einer Bankz)
16. Lazy-Boy ft. AG Cubano & Baby Gas – No Pity (Produced by Overdose Beatz)
17. Lazy-Boy ft. Deltrice – Too Long (Produced by Kev Knocks)
18. Lazy-Boy ft. Willie Joe, Lil Kev & #MoreMuzic – For The Night
19. Lazy-Boy ft. Birch Boy Barie – Paranoid (Produced by Slimmy On The Beat)
20. Lazy-Boy ft. Celly Ru, Young Chop & Molly G – In My Hood Remix (Produced by JuneOnnaBeat)

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