Award Winning, Blues Singer, Grady Champion Re-Releases “Policeman Blues”

Grady Champion's Policeman Blues

Grammy Award winning, Mississippi-born Blues songwriter, singer Grady Champion, who is gearing up  for his 30-day European tour (with two newly added days in Tel Aviv), has purposely re-released his “Policeman Blues” song and video before traveling abroad. 

Champion’s Policeman Blues is a captivating, timeless tune with relatable lyrics in light of the shameless, deadly relations between policing and Black men in our nation, being played out daily in the media.  Grady, a talented, personable, dimpled-

cheeked performer, known for his animated storytelling, relevant songs and unique delivery released “Policeman Blues” nearly a decade ago, but he knew it was important to re-release the song and video showing that he, too, has had unwarranted encounters with law enforcement; while on the road during his tours.  Sharing that he, like many men of color, has been stopped, frisked, and manhandled is Champion’s way joining the protests against abusive police encounters and supporting the cause for justice and better relations with those sworn to serve and protect rather than unjustly killings.

“I’ve looked down the barrel of a policeman’s gun many times after being pulled over for no reason while traveling home from my road trips,” says Champion; who fully understands what too many men of color deal with on a daily basis—too many of whom do not walk away unharmed, or even live through those encounters with officers.  Champion goes on to say, “Just like the policemen that have stopped me, I too want to get home to my family and loved ones safe and sound.”

Grady Champion’s re-release of “Policeman’s Blues” is his way of speaking out on this important issue through his artistry. And as a respected national and international performer, he hopes this song will draw attention to the urgent need for effective police reform in America when it comes to interaction with people of color.

In addition to Champion’s 30-day European Tour are two newly-added days in Tel Aviv!  The “One Of A Kind” Euro Tour begins November 10th., and runs through December 10, 2016.  Catch up with Grady Champion’s tour dates, subscribe to his YouTube and Facebook profiles.

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