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Rollin By Tropakana

The overall climate of Hip Hop has changed in the last few years. There has been a vast number of artists hailing in from different metropolitan cities making noise on the music scene. I have encountered many talented artists, but none like this rising superstar Tropakana. Tropakana uses his talents to inspire youth and make a difference in their life through motivational speaking and clean music. He has been touring the country consistently through schools and concerts making a name for himself.

Originally from Vineland, New Jersey, Tropakana has been able to blow up the charts positioning himself at number 2 for 12 straight weeks and even jumping to the number 1 spot throughout his first official single release hitting the “Hot Single Sales” Billboard chart. He is undeniably an immensely talented artist with a lot of charisma. Tropakana has proven the naysayers wrong with his single “Rollin”, a very catchy melodic song that has millennials hooked on the words. He comes from humble beginnings and made a transition to Atlanta, GA in 2012 to take his career to the next level. This young hip-hop influencer has amassed a large following and is currently being sought after by major record labels. He is organically showing the industry that you can reach your dreams independently as long as you give the fans what they want. Tropakana has sacrificed a lot for his dreams and he continues to exemplify what being a positive artist is about. He is earning his spot in the game and has the fan base to back it up. He has the official King Armah J Armah The Boss co-sign, and I salute his efforts to making a difference in the hip hop culture. I had a chance to sit down and chop it up with this young brother. Check out the interview below.


King Armah – How does it feel to be reaching your dreams?

Tropakana -It’s a surreal feeling to watch all my hard work paying off. It still hasn’t fully sunk in to me. Performing for people already knowing the words and dance to my song “Rollin”, being asked to take pictures in public, getting recognition by top industry execs are all things that I’m taking the time to soak in.

King Armah – What inspired you to become an artist?

Tropakana – My inspiration came from making the mistake of selling crack cocaine and wanting to change myself as well as pass the message onto the next one. I felt that if I could become a positive figure, I could influence others that may be thinking about making a life-altering decision or inspire someone to overcome their current struggle.

King Armah – How did you come up with the name Tropakana?

Tropakana -Tropakana comes from the fact that tropical weather has some of the calmest climates but worst storms. When people initially meet me they often don’t think I have the ability to rock a crowd or spit bars because of my laid back demeanor. That attitude quickly changes when it’s time to go to work, just like that beautiful tropical day turning into a typhoon.

King Armah – What is your message to all your fans?

Tropakana – My message is to “Follow your dreams at all cost”. I want them to know that whatever their circumstance is, they can make something of their lives and put themselves in a position to feel satisfied with their life.

King Armah – What is the music scene like in Atlanta?

Tropakana -The music scene in Atlanta is very competitive. You have the best of the best vying for a spot at the top. The real question is what can you do to stand out amongst the others.

King Armah– What is the process for you in doing school tours?

Tropakana -I’m connected to a non-profit organization called “Fedup-4U”. It’s through them that I’m able to spread my message to our youth.

King Armah – What have you sacrificed to make it this far?

Tropakana – I’ve sacrificed everything from relationships to non-believing friends and family to get to this point. It’s a fact that when you embark on your journey to success everybody will not make the trip.

King Armah – Tell me, how did you know when your time to shine had come?

Tropakana -There isn’t a definitive moment that told me it was time. More of an overall feeling you get from the universe. The world started to look different in my eyes, people started reacting to me differently. It’s almost an aura of eminence that starts to surround you as you transcend towards success.

King Armah – What struggles did you go through in chasing your dreams?

Tropakana – I’ve gone through living in offices, sleeping on coaches, overcoming my legal situation, eviction notices, execs saying I wasn’t good enough, pretty much anything that would deter me from achieving my goal. I embrace all of the struggles because the state of mind it took to overcome them has a way of resurfacing when you’re going through challenges.

King Armah – How does it feel to be a role model for the youth?

Tropakana – I feel honored that people look at me as a “role model”. It’s not something I set out to become, it kind of just fell on me naturally.

King Armah – What other endeavors do you have in place?

Tropakana -Without giving away too much I’m working on more music, have an app in place to be released, expanding on this coming tour, and some other surprises that are under wraps. I’m excited for the things to come!

King Armah – Can you tell us booking info and how can people find you on social media?

Tropakana – For bookings contact fedup4u@hotmail.com and all of my social media usernames are “Tropakana”. Also, my website is www.rollinwithtrop.com hope to hear from you all!

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