Shawn B is the Next Breakout Artist of Cleveland

Photo Credit J Nyce Images

Being that Cleveland has just received their first championship ring in 52 years of sports history, Cleveland artist Shawn B aka “Mr. Trap and B” wants next. With only 2 years of pursuing his career as an R&B singer, A Lot has been accomplished. Starting with his first début single “About Me” that’s capturing attention slowly but surely across the internet. While explaining to his fans of where he resides and some background history on his past as a child to a man, little did Shawn B know this record created a buzz of awareness across the nation creating genuine fans of all age. Nevertheless, Shawn B hits the online waves with a back-up single entitled “Make it worth it” capturing the attention of not only women but media outlets that urge for what’s new.

Photo Credit J Nyce Images
Photo Credit J Nyce Images

Currently, Shawn B is still focused on climbing his way to the top. Just early February 2016, he released another hot record called “Earthquake” feat another Cleveland artist by the name of Preme Dibiasi with one of the biggest DJ coalitions entitled “The Nerve DJs.” The record is trending and reaching limits never imaged by the 2 Cleveland artist.

if the record ain’t a hit, then what is it” stated by Shawn B while being interviewed.

The current single has an official video coming soon from the Heart of Cleveland Ohio being shot by Sceneamatix. Keeping it sweet, simple and explosive alongside some of Cleveland’s top models are the only wishes of what consumers shell expect to see for this big release. The expectations are set at high standards.

Keeping up with Shawn B can be a race for your bucks. He expresses how being from Cleveland you have to create your own opportunities (while holding a product in his hand called “Mojo Water”)

Shawn B holding Mojo Water
Shawn B holding Mojo Water

Oh this right here…. It’s only the hottest product everybody should have on their hand” as he expresses in an exciting way. Nevertheless, Shawn B plans to release another single entitled “My Brotha” feat. Connie Sun, an artist who has a lot of respect in Cleveland. This record is expected to make big noise and hopefully change things in the communities of Cleveland, Ohio. Only time will tell. Until then Shawn B plans on forming future tours along with his upcoming event with Cleveland artist Jimmie Montana. Not to mention Shawn B has a mixtape he plans on releasing entitled 9115(free me).Things are heating up for Cleveland’s music scene.

Follow Shawn B on his social media to stay updated on everything he is doing in his career as a singer and Entrepreneur.

Instagram: im_shawn_b

twitter: i_am_shawn_b

youtube: Shawn B

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