“… Charles Wright gets it right in this tell all memoir. It is heartbreaking, intriguing
– I was drawn in as if I was there myself. A must read for all who understand what
it means to “Express Yourself.” –Roland Bynum, KJLH-FM Radio Personality

“H H H H H A powerful read! It was my intention to read the book over a period
of time but once I started I could not stop until I reached the final page. This brutally
honest book has all of the ingredients for a compelling film.”
–Andrea R. Garrison, Host – Online with Andrea

“H H H H H Beautiful! A wonderful introduction to a warm and interesting
man – the words took me back to a time, I never experienced but I felt as though
I was there.”
–Regina Womack (wife of the late great Soul Music Legend Bobby Womack)

“H H H H H Educational yet inspiring.” –David Humphrey
“Charles Wright is a gem and a real national treasure.” –“Little Richard” Pennyman

“H H H H H His story is heartfelt and at times utterly chilling. There were times
when I laughed out and others when I came close to tears. Whether you’re a Wright
fan or not, it shines a light on the racial injustices that continue to plague our
country. Exceptionally good book!” –Andrew Davis

“H H H H H This is a must for all Charles Wright fans who want to know more about this amazing guy’s life.”
–Brittany L. Johnson

“H H H H H The author has this unique ability to blow my mind with his great imagination and the way he skillfully
paints vivid pictures. This is One book you will not want to put down!” –Bleuocéan

“The book truly is a riveting insider’s glimpse into the realities of the time of the ’40s and early ’50s.” –Niki Karimi

“What a beautiful and inspiring piece of work! Great job, Mr. Wright of telling your story. Highly Recommended!”
–Guada Tagalog

“Mind riveting…a must read for those interested in 1940s Mississippi.” –Johnski 2004

“Such a powerful book!” –Caleb Lugo

“Kept me intrigued from cover to cover!” –M. Robes

“Charles Wright does a brilliant job capturing the hard life of black sharecroppers in Jim Crow-era Mississippi.” –Carice 93

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