About Tarica June:

Raised in the nation’s capital, Tarica June was reared under the musical influence of her father, a jazz aficionado, her mother, who played Bob Marley daily, and her generation’s chosen mode of fearless expression: hip hop. Away from home in high school, Tarica June was exposed to a new musical vernacular as she found her hip hop heroes juxtaposed with the music of her dorm mates in the form of Tracy Chapman, Grateful Dead, and U2. She began to further expand on her musical tastes in college. Yet unbeknownst to her classmates, she was simultaneously honing a nascent talent that she’d kept hidden for years.

Upon graduation, Tarica June relocated back to DC where she found a burgeoning community of Black artists in the midst of a renaissance aptly dubbed The Movement. After one of these musicians used a song that she had written without crediting her, Tarica June decided to attend law school. “I figured that as a creative person I should learn my rights because I saw how easy it is to get taken advantage of if you don’t know the law” she explains. She enrolled at Howard University School of Law, where she focused on intellectual property.

While in law school she continued to work on her music, and in 2010 Tarica June bowed with the release of her bold debut mixtape Moonlight Revolution. Waxing poetic over a diverse array of instrumentals from top 40 hits by artists such as Common, 50 Cent, and U2, Moonlight Revolution finds Tarica June firmly establishing herself as a formidable solo artist wielding her dynamic lyrical torch to illuminate a bleak space. Embroidered with nods and references to lauded writer Ntozake Shange as well as trailblazing recording artists Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman, Moonlight Revolution was a bold proclamation of fortitude from agile mind of a new, independent, Black female hip-hop artist.

Moonlight Revolution struck a chord, putting Tarica June on the radar of various media outlets and festival organizers. Respected website Soul Bounce featured the album in their Bounce-Worthy section, calling Tarica “young, fresh and talented.” HipHopDX wrote an exhilarating, heartfelt 1,700 word editorial in response to Moonlight Revolution, calling it “the logical manifestations of a free mind” and “one of the most important projects in recent Hip Hop memory.”





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