Country Boi: Destined For Greatness

It’s often said that hip-hop has forgotten it’s
roots, which were moulded by sentiments
of brotherhood, unity, and having fun. The
industry has since been marred by various
waves and eras that have all but
eradicated good, “clean” music in hip-hop –
music that once dominated the airwaves.
One artist is taking it upon himself to make
a difference; Country Boi is showing artists
and listeners alike that such music can not
only still be made, but also appreciated.
25-year-old Country Boi hails from St.
Louis, Missouri, a city that Nelly put on the
map in the early 2000’s with his infectious
hit Country Grammar. He initially became
interested in music through family and
friends. Earning his stripes like many
rappers in the culture’s timeline, he has
since released two full-length projects and
been spun on radio nationwide. He
accredits his original style to his eclectic
influences that range from the hardcore
southern firecracker, Lil’Jon, to crooner and
Goodie Mob alum, Ceelo Green. His
sound, as a result, is a playful blend of
mellow laid back grooves and party vibes
that make it impossible to stay still.
Country Boi started his career as an A&R
for indie label Geldden Group South or
GGS for short – a sister company of
Geldden Group Music. This experience has
moulded his aspirations above that of an
average rapper. Beyond a unique
perspective that has taught him to keep it
real, and pull no punches, he now
aims to be forever known for
launching the careers of notable
artists and changing lives for the

Currently, Country Boi can be found
in the studio prepping his upcoming,
third full-length release, A New
Deal. In advance of the release, he
d r o p p e d t h e s i n g l e P S Y C H
STREET, which is currently in
rotation on internet stations 98.2 the
beat LA, Hits105.1 LA And HITS 93 Toronto
to name a few. The album is scheduled to
drop late 2016.
Country finds himself drawn to the
influence of multi-faceted rapper/
businessmen Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, who
introduced Biggie Smalls to the world, and
Christopher ludicrous Bridges who as of
late has become a notable actor, who
appeared in the Fast and Furious
franchise. He believes that hard work – and
dedication – will ultimately lead to his
success, no matter where his promising
career takes him. With a strong work ethic,
a mogul mentality, and a profound love of
the art, Country Boi is destined for

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