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A time to start a new life, for the better of self
Believe in your life that God created.
Concentrate and focus on not looking back
Discipline and drive your mind towards success
Escape people, places and things that remind you of past hurts
Find your power in love for your children and family
Grow up overnight because time will not wait on us to mature
Help yourself first then others will gladly join in to support you.
Important to take one task and one day at a time…have patience.
Jesus died for us all and loves us no matter what
Keep trusting that God’s purpose will prevail in your life despite past failures
Love’s greatest asset is to love you more than what others think of you
Memorize the fact that you left your family, family never left you.
No greater love exist than that of a man who gets himself together for the purpose to assure quality time with his children
Open the mind to new life and more knowledge
Please know there is nothing to prove to anyone, but you.
Quick to anger is man’s greatest defeat, God is greater than anger, let things go.
Rest in time of storms it’s okay; consider it rest for challenges ahead
Stay in the bible for guidance
Thank God for all he has done in your life.
Understand that boys need their fathers no matter what, being there has a great purpose.
Victory is never returning to prison, victory is yours today.
Without God there is no life or love
Xtreme circumstances cause men to make extreme decisions, but never act quickly or you will fail.
You are a great person and God loves you through all situations
Zero tolerance for drugs and anything bad for the body and mind.

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