Khiree Makes Music With Style And Grace

Khiree is an independent artist who makes music to inspire others. The Los Angeles native sound can be described as melodic and gritty. He recorded his first song at the age of 7 and has been about his music ever since. Music has been one Khiree’s biggest influences in his life. It turned his pain into passion. He is currently working on his mixtape right “Style and Grace,” and you can check out his music on all streaming platforms! Get to know Khiree below!

Who/what inspires your sound/music?

Kanye, Nipsey, Drake, Future, Travis Scott, Russ, & Young Thug inspires me. My story, struggle, and pain

Who is your motivation and why?

My motivation is for sure my family, the community and my fans.

What impact are you looking to make with your music? Who do you want to impact?

I’m looking to make an ever-lasting impact and I want to impact those who can relate to my story.

Any life changing stories/incidents that impacted your music career?

Growing up I was always in the streets, getting into trouble, and going to jail. All collectively motivated me to pursue a genuine part in life. Growing up seeing my mom struggle and is being poor really influenced me to do something with my music.

How many /EPs have you released to date?

I released “Temporary Pain” this year on august 1, 2020.

What would you like to do after music?

I’d like to own a business.

What message do you want to leave the audience with when reading the article?

I’m about business, I’m serious about this, and my music is fire.

Instagram: flykhi

YouTube: Kihree


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