Luh Brazy Is A Gem To Keep Eyes On

Atlanta native and melodic rhyme inducer Luh Brazy is a budding star who understands the core premise of music. Using it as a tool and gift to where people can relate to along with find peace with the type of songs that you curate. Brazy wants his fans to feel at home with him and to find comfort in his catalog.

“Music is a form of art that gives a platform for inspiration to people who need somewhere to get away from all the stress life brings” – Luh Brazy. 

A few singles from Brazy to check out include the invigorating “Wack Sum” and the catchy tune “Trappin.” Fans of music that bring awareness to societial issues will find solace in his work of art “Suicide” which is intense but much needed song that he hopes help people to value their mental health. 

He’s set to drop more music so keep your eyes out for Luh Brazy, in the meantime stream his tunes below.

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