Singer-Songwriter JD Hinton Releases New Single “Too Damn Good”

Alright folks, gather round for a slice of musical magic served up by none other than the maestro himself, JD Hinton! If you haven’t already heard, Hinton’s latest single, “Too Damn Good,” is about to rock your world harder than a Texas tornado hitting a Starbucks in Austin.

Picture this: you’ve got Hinton, a cup of dark coffee, and an unstoppable flow of lyrics bubbling up like froth on a latte. That’s the birthplace of “Too Damn Good,” a track that’s not just music but a whole darn attitude.

This song isn’t just a toe-tapper; it’s a glimpse into the life of a character who gives zero cares about consequences. He drinks what he likes, eats what he likes, and winks like he’s got the world in his pocket. It’s a vibe, it’s a mood, it’s JD Hinton laying down some truth bombs with every lyric.

But hold onto your hats, ’cause it’s not just the song that’s got stories to tell. “Too Damn Good” inspired a whole TV pilot, folks! Yeah, you heard me right. Hinton’s tunes are so darn catchy, they’re making their way onto your screens too.

And let’s not forget Hinton’s resume, packed tighter than a Hollywood premiere. From composing for blockbuster films to crooning alongside the likes of Celine Dion, this guy’s done it all. Plus, he’s no stranger to the stage, having rocked out at legendary venues from LA to New York. Heck, he’s even serenaded the Pope himself!

So, what’s next for JD Hinton? Well, buckle up, ’cause he’s gearing up to drop some more musical bombs with his upcoming EP, “Five Smooth Stones.” And if “Too Damn Good” is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride.

So, grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and get ready to groove to the beats of JD Hinton, the man who’s just too darn good for words.

Listen to “Too Damn Good” on Spotify here.

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