Indie Pop Artist Dani Felt Releases New Single “Let’s Play Pretend”

In her latest single, “Let’s Play Pretend,” indie pop sensation Dani Felt invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey into the realm of fantasy and make-believe. Crafted in collaboration with Austin Rader, this soul-stirring track delves into the universal theme of unrequited love, offering a poignant narrative that resonates deeply with dreamers and believers alike.

With “Let’s Play Pretend,” Felt creates more than just a song; she constructs an enchanting escape where dreams and desires intertwine with the bittersweet reality of longing. Through her evocative lyrics and captivating melodies, Felt captures the essence of yearning for a love that exists only in the realm of imagination, encouraging listeners to embrace the magic of pretending rather than confronting harsh truths.

The production of “Let’s Play Pretend” is nothing short of stellar, with Andy Wildrick’s expert mixing and Ken Lewis’s Dolby Atmos version, along with Jonathan Garcia’s immersive mastering, ensuring an unparalleled sonic experience. Felt’s distinctively bold yet vulnerable vocals soar over the intricate instrumentation, drawing listeners deeper into her enchanting world.

Hailing from Philadelphia and now making waves in Nashville, Dani Felt is rapidly establishing herself as a rising star in the indie pop scene. With accolades from Medium Magazine,, and more, Felt’s fearless storytelling and magnetic stage presence set her apart as an artist to watch. Drawing from her background in musical theater, Felt infuses her music with authenticity and passion, inviting audiences to join her on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery.

In “Let’s Play Pretend,” Dani Felt delivers a captivating musical experience that not only showcases her undeniable talent but also reaffirms her status as an artist poised for greatness. With its irresistible charm and poignant message, this single is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, solidifying Felt’s place as a true indie pop sensation.

Listen to “Let’s Play Pretend” on Spotify here.

Watch the Official Lyric Video here.

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