Beauty and Bravery: How DeKosha Jordan Built a Beauty Empire

In the vibrant streets of Houston, Texas, a tale of valor, faith, and splendor unfurls, woven by the hands of DeKosha Jordan, a luminary entrepreneur. Tethered for years to a call center, Jordan yearned to kindle the flames of her passion for beauty. With a heart ablaze with determination, she enrolled in Behold Beauty Academy, graduating in 2002. Though fear and uncertainty initially shadowed her path to the Stateboard Exam, Jordan persevered, channeling her skills, and building a devoted clientele through social media. Today, as the visionary founder and CEO of Blessed Hands Beauty Salon, Jordan is celebrated for her mastery in helping women elevate their innate beauty, particularly those grappling with hair loss due to conditions like cancer and lupus.

Her unyielding devotion to her craft has earned her countless awards, among them the “Hustle Hard Awards Beauty Salon of the Year 2020-2021” and a “Certificate of Congressional Recognition 18th District, Texas Sheila Jackson Lee Member of Congress for Dedication to Community Service.” Her salon stands as a temple to her passion and her unwavering commitment to the community. As she continues to innovate and inspire others in the beauty and hair industry, DeKosha Jordan remains a beacon of courage and creativity, her spirit a testament to the power of hard work and unshakable faith.

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