LO LA Releases New Hit “happy 4 u”


LO LA‘s “happy 4 u” takes you on a wild emotional ride that’s as unpredictable as love itself. Hailing from the City of Angels, LO LA has crafted a gem that’s both relatable and rhythmically addictive.

This track is like a therapy session for anyone who’s ever been through the messy aftermath of a breakup. LO LA’s storytelling skills shine as she navigates through the wreckage of a once-intense relationship. The repeated mantra of “You don’t wanna be happy for you” encapsulates the conflicting emotions of witnessing an ex find happiness elsewhere.

The song’s second verse dives deep into the complications of affection, portraying the messy dance of love and missed chances. The bridge adds a bitter touch of irony, turning joy into a poignant layer of the narrative. It’s a journey through the highs and lows of love, and each note feels like a page torn from your own story.

LO LA’s ability to capture post-breakup emotions is nothing short of magical. With 32 meticulously crafted songs blending indie-pop, alternative, and dream-pop, she’s become a chart-topper in Indonesia and a global sensation with over 100 million streams. Her upcoming EP, “CRAZY BABY,” is highly anticipated, promising a musical feast for her devoted fans.

From TikTok live streams to sold-out shows and a creative approach to fan engagement, LO LA is not just a musician; she’s a force to be reckoned with. “happy 4 u” is more than a song; it’s an experience that resonates with the complexities of love. Dive in and let LO LA serenade you through the rollercoaster of emotions.  #LOLA #happy4u #MusicMagic

Listen to “happy 4 u” on Spotify here.

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