Diane Louvel Delves into Relationship Dynamics with New Single “Better Than You”

Diane Louvel Delves into Relationship Dynamics with New Single “Better Than You”

New York, NY (December 8, 2023) – Indie-Folk artist Diane Louvel drops her latest single, “Better Than You,” on December 8, 2023. The song is a captivating blend of alt-country and folk-pop that explores the complexities of relationships.
“Better Than You” lyrically dissects the dynamics of a challenging relationship, capturing the essence of staying in a connection despite its evident toxicity. The song takes listeners on a journey through the emotional highs and lows, delving into the paradoxical nature of being both victim and perpetrator in a tumultuous relationship.

The lyrics are somewhat rational and analytical with spikes of ‘WTF am I thinking’ woven in.”

– Diane Louvel, Indie-Folk Artist

“Better Than You” is part of Diane Louvel’s upcoming album, “Above and Beyond,” which follows the success of three previously released singles. The song features a controlled and thoughtful musical arrangement, creating an intimate one-on-one conversation between the artist and the audience. The soulful guitar solos and riffs throughout the song add a melancholic feel, complementing the introspective nature of the lyrics.
“Better Than You” promises to be a standout addition to Diane Louvel’s discography, showcasing her ability to craft emotionally resonant narratives within the alt-country no and folk-pop genres. As the release date approaches, fans and music enthusiasts alike can anticipate a unique and compelling musical experience from this talented artist.

A Glimpse of “Better Than You” Lyrics

You talk about the therapy of time
But you haven’t asked how I am since 2018
You’re just another foolish genius
But I’ll say yes to everything
Cause I’ve got nothing better to do
And I make the same mistake I made before
Keeping one hand frozen on the door
I may be a fool but I’d rather be a jester
‘Cause man, no one bums me out better than you
Man, no one bums me out, better than you
"Better Than You" Cover Art

“Better Than You” Cover Art

About Diane Louvel:

Never underestimate the power of proximity. Growing up in two epicenters of culture, fashion, and music (New York City and Paris), it isn’t exactly a surprise that Diane Louvel ended up a creative artist; what is staggering is the level of mastery she’s achieved in her craft as a singer-songwriter. Weathering the storm of losing her brother (and the loneliness that followed) provided more than some meaningful tunes: it armed her with purpose. The result is spritely, almost effervescent Americana, rooted with a strength only a working woman’s hands that tills the land could have. And with a voice like Joni Mitchell by way of Neko Case, it’s just a matter of time before fans of classic bards like Laura Nyro and Willie Nelson (and contemporaries like Father John Misty and Lana Del Rey) get wise to this rising star in the circuit. Website | TikTokFacebook

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