Behind the Lens with Mafiyo And His Rise In The Music Industr

Mafiyo is a multi-talented artist from South Sacramento, California. He’s deeply involved in both music and visual storytelling. In this interview, we’ll explore his journey, influences, and significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Mafiyo began his artistic journey as part of the rap group Hyrisk, collaborating with his cousins Eric and Dae-dae. They achieved success with two notable releases. However, Mafiyo’s ambitions extended beyond music. He managed to secure a camera and microphone, entering the world of filmmaking. His early work included interviews at local spots like bowling alleys, bars, clubs, and house parties. Mafiyo then took his content to the local access station, gaining attention and popularity in Sacramento.

A pivotal moment came when he interviewed actress Vivica A. Fox during her visit to Sacramento. Impressed by his interviewing style and personality, Vivica became a mentor, helping him navigate the entertainment world. This mentorship opened doors to interviews with other high-profile celebrities, leading to the popularity of his show, which aired in multiple cities.

Mafiyo faced significant challenges when he spent six years in state prison. It was a testing period, isolated from family and immersed in the complexities of prison life. His faith provided solace during these trying times.

Currently, Mafiyo is involved in exciting projects. “Bay Lawz,” produced by his partner Freeman Williams, stars actors Omar Gooding and Glenn Plummer and is streaming on Tubi. He’s also working on a documentary called “In All Truth,” featuring ex-convict Keith Perez Stevens, aiming to expose the prison system’s dark realities. Mafiyo’s daily life involves prayer, a healthy breakfast, and dedicated work in his home studio. He handles calls, engages in creative discussions, films, edits, runs podcasts, and writes new ideas.

In conclusion, Mafiyo’s journey exemplifies determination, faith, and the pursuit of passions. His unique blend of music and storytelling continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, captivating and inspiring audiences worldwide.

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