Angel Barnwell — Acquires PH.D. From Texas University

Angel Barnwell, Director of Business Engagement for Slutty Vegan, will be awarded an honorary doctorate from Harvest Christian University on September 23rd. This recognition comes as a result of her outstanding achievements as a young entrepreneur and advocate for mental health care and wellness in the African-American community.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Angel relocated to South Carolina with her family after her father retired from the United States Postal Service. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Colorado Technical University in 2018. Her career at Slutty Vegan began as a social media intern, where she successfully grew the page to an impressive 285,000 followers before being promoted to executive assistant. Her hard work and dedication led her to her current role as Director of Business Engagement for the rapidly growing brand.

In addition to her work with Slutty Vegan, Angel launched her own brand, Smile Heaux, in 2021. The brand focuses on mental health awareness and wellness in the African-American community. Angel’s journey with therapy began in 2007 when she sought help to overcome severe depression stemming from a traumatic experience of sexual assault as a child. Her desire to heal through pain and live a life filled with happiness led her to create Smile Heaux, which aims to provide access to professional counsel, resources, and tools that are more affordable for everyone in need.

Harvest Christian University is proud to recognize Angel Barnwell for her exceptional leadership skills and dedication to mental health care and wellness. Her accomplishments in business and advocacy serve as an inspiration to others, and we look forward to seeing her continued success in the future.

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