Toon1300 is a rising legend in the world of streetwear fashion

In the heart of Compton, California, T.O.E. Toon1300 is making waves in the world of streetwear fashion. As the owner of MuddBruddas Clothing LLC and the online store www.ToonClothing.Shop, he’s become a rising star. Raised by humble, hardworking parents, Toon1300 learned early on the importance of family and self-sufficiency. In 2019, he turned his passion for streetwear and graphic arts into a business.

Toon1300 faced significant personal challenges, including the loss of loved ones, while building his brand. He drew inspiration from fashion icons like Bape and Virgil Abloh. His mission? To leave a positive, inspirational legacy for future generations. His clothing brands, including MuddBruddas, reflect not just fashion but a cultural code.

Toon1300 is not only a clothing brand owner but also a skilled graphic designer and manufacturer. He’s achieved success, selling products across the U.S. and even reaching global audiences. His creative process begins in his office, where he spends hours bringing ideas to life. His future plans include exciting releases for the upcoming season.

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