New Music: Yalee – ‘Candles’

Creating his own lane in music, Yalee gives fans an eposodic short film ahead of the release of his 4 song EP ‘My Outside Is Different.’ Late last month Yalee gave us part 1 ‘God Stay With Me’ and out now is part 2 of 4 titled ‘Candles.’

Born and raised in Ohio, Yalee didn’t have it all growing up. In the episode of ‘Candles’ he is rap singing over a melodic beat opening up about part of his life story of what life was like for him as a child. In the song he shares a lyric saying, “you ever been so broke you had trouble falling asleep, you ever lost some weight because there was no money to eat? You ever turn on that oven, pop that bi*ch open for heat? You ever lit some candles in your crib so you can see? Yeah, that was me.” He continued on the song from talking about the struggle to explaining how great life is going to be once he makes it to the top.

The next highly anticipated instalment of the short film which is part 3 of his 4 song EP ‘My Outside Is Different’ drops on September 22nd. Make sure to stay tuned because it only gets better!

Maksure to follow Yalee via social media  @yalee to stay in the know and check out his music available on all major platforms @yalee.

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